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Delores B. Lindsey, Ph.D

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Delores B. Lindsey, Ph.D, believes that the culture of an organization is best reflected by the communication skills, language and stories used within the organization. She captures many of these stories in her writing and speaking.



  • Delores leads and coaches organizations using motivational and inspirational communication skills, “strategic visioning” techniques, team development strategies, and leadership standards for excellence.


She is co-author of the following books:
  • Culturally Proficient Instruction: A Guide for People Who Teach;
  • Culturally Proficient Learning Communities: Confronting Inequities Through Collaborative Curiosity
  • A Culturally Proficient Response To LGBT Communities: A Guide For Educators
  • Culturally Proficient Practice: Supporting Educators Of English Learning Students

Other Accomplishments

  • Former Director of the California School Leadership Academy at the Orange County Department of Education
  • She serves as associate professor of educational leadership at California State University San Marcos