The tools of cultural proficiency

You are equipped with specific instruments and elements to assist you while taking the cultural proficiency journey. These tools are designed to effectively engage you in authentic redesign of of personal and organizational practice.


There are barriers that inhibit our achieving cultural proficiency.

  • Being resistant to change
  • Being unaware of the need to adapt
  • Not acknowledging systemic oppression, and
  • Benefiting from a sense of privilege and entitlement

Essential Elements

The essential elements describe key behaviors of cultural competent schools.

  • Assessing culture
  • Valuing diversity
  • Managing the dynamics of difference
  • Adapting to diversity
  • Institutionalizing cultural knowledge


There are six parts to the cultural proficiency continuum. These points help us describe the healthy and unhealthy environments in our schools.

  • Cultural Destructiveness
  • Cultural Incapacity
  • Cultural Blindness
  • Cultural Precompetence
  • Cultural Competence
  • Cultural Proficiency

Guiding Principles

There are six principles that undergird the effort to achieve proficiency.

  • Culture is a predominant force in people and school’s lives.
  • The dominant culture serves people in varying degrees.
  • People have both personal identities and group identities.
  • Diversity within cultures is vast and significant.
  • Each individual and each group has unique cultural values and needs.
  • The best of both worlds enhances the capacity of all.

Our Mission

“Culturally proficient schools meet the needs of children and families by responding positively to what they bring into the classroom. School leaders and teachers bridge cultural divides and engage students in academic rigor to close gaps in student attainment of achievement standards.”


“The mission of CampbellJones & Associates is to inspire action sustained by confidence to serve one another toward the higher good.”


Cultural Proficiency is a mindset and a way of being. It provides a framework and common language that allow schools to transform into effective organizations offering equitable education for each child.


“Through services provided by CampbellJones & Associates, educators learn the tools of cultural proficiency and use them to critique the organization’s policies and practices relative to their values and beliefs.”


Meet the Team

CampbellJones & Associates provides professional learning seminars for school systems and organizations. Our facilitators of professional learning communities bring a wealth of experience and expertise proven as effective in engaging audiences in profound learning leading to personal and organization change. All facilitators are published authors in scholarly and professional journals. Additionally, they are authors of books on the topic of cultural proficiency.

~Our Greatest Calling is to Teach~

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Satisfied Clients

CampbellJones & Associates have provided professional learning seminars to national and international clients for the past 10 years. Our clients provide testimony as to the value added for the services received.

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Teacher, CA

“By far the most powerful workshop I have ever experienced. Thank you,
Thank you!”

Parent, MD

“I came into this session with an understanding of theory of cultural proficiency, but I am leaving with a commitment to doing the community work that will transform theory to part of the fiber of our community.”

Director, Medical Facility, MD

“These sessions are good for the service industry as well as educators. Thanks for a job well done.”

Principal, Lawrence, MA.

“Your work with our school has been so effective and the teachers raved about the relevance of the workshops. They have been able to implement the many strategies and systems you shared and we are already seeing results!”

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